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Mining with Nature - A SveMin project to help companies with biodiversity goals

Tiina Roine (info a, 23 April 2020

What issues connected to biodiversity are relevant for the mining industry?

SveMin (an industry association of mines, mineral and metal producers in Sweden) has started a SIP STRIM funded project to get a general view on just that together with Swedish mining companies. Nordkalk as a member of SveMin is involved with Tua Welin as the representative.

“I wanted to get involved with the project for many reasons, for instance, the question how to measure and evaluate biodiversity is a very topical issue for Nordkalk,” says Tua. 

Ambition to become a forerunner

Biodiversity will become increasingly important in the coming years and mining companies will have to adapt to reflect this pressure. Mining industry in Sweden has an ambition to become a forerunner in sustainable mining and now is time to take the next step. The Swedish mining industry is willing to go beyond fossil freedom and take a bigger responsibility also for biodiversity.

Albeit biodiversity is not the industry’s core knowhow, the aim has been set to contribute increased value to biodiversity in all the areas where mining and prospecting takes place latest in 2030. With this ambitious goal, the mining companies are spurred to invest more in development and in innovative solutions on the way towards a sustainable land use in unison with nature.

Biodiversity at Nordkalk

Mining areas provide excellent environments for plants thriving in lime-rich soil, where several rare plants, such as orchids, can be found.

At Nordkalk, environmental values and biodiversity issues are considered during the entire life cycle of mining operations. The aspects that are important for biodiversity must also be known and respected during the active operations phase. This topic is also included in our strategy. We commit to recognising the endangered species and protective actions at our quarry operations and keeping biodiversity records.

Ghost orchid 700

Ghost Orchid in Lappeenranta, Finland (photo by Terhi Anttila).

Butterflies, frogs, birds and orchids

At Nordkalk, we are working to e.g. improve the environment of orchids, birds and frogs, help trout spawn and house bats.

Nordkalk’s protection and conservation programme aiming to increase the natural areas of two rare butterfly species, the Apollo (Parnassius apollo) and Large Blue (Maculinea arion) on Gotland, was one of the first of its kind in the Swedish mining industry that applies protection and conservation measures according to the Habitat Directive (Council Directive 92/43/EEC).

 “We at Nordkalk are well on the way with the idea of a good variety and variability of life at our sites and our aim is to, when possible, promote the variability of life” concludes Tua.

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Tiina Roine

Leader in Northern Europe

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