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Nordkalk’s new strategy focuses on sustainable solutions

Hanne Mäkelä (info a, 9 March 2020

Nordkalk has revised its strategy in order to secure future growth and sustainable development. The revised strategy drives growth in the limestone business and has a strong focus on sustainable solutions, promoting activities in circular economy and taking steps towards fossil-free operations.

The strategic priorities for the strategy period 2020-2024 are:

  • increased limestone offering and new circular products
  • driving growth in customer segments Agriculture, Construction and Chemical Industry
  • expanding our market and geographical presence through acquisitions and partnerships and
  • developing limestone reserves. 

 “We are entering the 2020's from a strong position and have a solid ground to build on”, says Paul Gustavsson, Nordkalk’s CEO.
“We have strong assets and operations as well as capable and committed people. Thanks to the successful transformation programme, our performance is improving rapidly and we have a strong position in all key customer segments.”

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Leading limestone player focused on sustainable solutions

Nordkalk’s vision, mission and values were updated as part of the strategy work. The new vision is to become the leading limestone player focused on sustainable solutions.

 “We increase our engagement in circular solutions and strive for total utilisation of all extracted material with a 100% material efficiency target. At the same time we focus on reducing our carbon emissions and take decisive steps towards fossil-free operations.”

The mission emphasises the role of limestone for a healthy environment: We deliver limestone-based products and solutions which are essential for agricultural productivity and cleaning air and water.

“Limestone is a critical raw material in several customer processes and applications,” says Paul Gustavsson, “and due to its purifying and neutralising qualities, it often contributes to minimising our customers’ environmental footprint.”

Significant improvements in 2019

Nordkalk started a comprehensive performance improvement programme at the beginning of 2019 which has resulted in significant improvements. In 2019, the EBITDA clearly improved compared with 2018 and turnover developed in the right direction during the second half of the year.

Among the major changes was the new operating model based on three regions, Northern Europe, Central Europe and New Business, and bringing decision-making closer to local operations and customers.

“The changes have not been easy,” states Paul Gustavsson, “but the transformation programme has provided Nordkalk with a competitive cost base for the future and a good starting point for implementing the new strategy.”

The execution of the new strategy has begun and will be followed-up regularly by the Management Team.

Further information: Paul Gustavsson, CEO, +46 10 476 2544. 

Interview requests: Hanne Mäkelä, Corporate Communications +358 50 3858670.

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.