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Nordkalk’s new packaging line - two machines in one

Tiina Roine (info a, 11 March 2020

In the beginning of March, our latest investment, a new packaging line for all our bag products was inaugurated in Uddagården, Sweden with some of our retailers and own staff as guests.

The guests were served not only a light lunch but also a hefty package of information about the reasons behind the investment, about Nordkalk and our products as well as about the history of our Uddagården plant.

New bags

The line introduces bags with new design and new sizes. At least 50% of the bags are made of recycled plastic. The packing density of the bags is higher than before resulting in less transportation and saving both the environment and the customer’s expenses.

Bags 2

Two-in-one technology

The bags come from a roll and the machine makes and fills the bags by itself. The powder products are now packed like coffee, in vacuumed bags. This kind of packing normally requires two different machines but at our Uddagården plant it is done by one machine resulting in clear savings, something we can all benefit from.

As the bags are tightly packed, it also means packing is dust free and requires much less manual lifting, both of which improve the working environment considerably.

Comprehensive information

The well designed smaller bags and the comprehensive information on them will serve our customers better whilst packed goods mean cleaner transport vehicles and storage facilities.

- Our guests were impressed by the technique and gave very positive feedback also on the new layout of the bags, reports Nordkalk’s Sales Manager Elisabeth Erichsen, who hosted the event together with her colleague Bo Wallström and the Uddagården team.

Tiina Roine

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