History - 21st century

2000 onwards: Expansion in Poland

In the new millennium, Nordkalk has continued to strengthen its position on the European market through several investments in Poland.

In Szczecin in Northern Poland, a new grinding plant was brought into use in the beginning of the year 2000.

Nordkalk acquired a limestone company in Miedzianka, Southern Poland. It included one of the largest limestone deposits in the country. The deposit of Wolica in southern Poland was granted mining rights and a new mill was completed in 2001.

On 1 March 2005 all the activities in Poland were merged to the company Nordkalk Sp. z o.o.

2005-2007: International acquisitions

In 2005, Nordkalk acquired the Alekseevka lime factory in St. Petersburg region. The factory is situated in Alekseevka village 120 km to the west of St. Petersburg.

Nordkalk applied for a permit for mining activities in Bunge Ducker on Northern Gotland. Permit application is completed with an environmental impact assessment. The permission gained legal force in 2010. The legal process continues.

The Norwegian company NorFraKalk AS, which is owned in half by Nordkalk Corporation and Franzefoss Minerals AS started up a lime kiln in Verdal in November 2007.

2010: Changes in Nordkalk's ownership structure

On 19 May 2010, Rettig Group signed a share purchase agreement with the co-owners of Nordkalk. As a consequence, Rettig's ownership in Nordkalk increased from 49% to 100%. Rettig Group had had a small minority stake in
Nordkalk since 2003. 

2015: One Nordkalk

Production of calcium oxide in Lappeenranta ended when the lime kilns were stopped in May 2014.

Nordkalk renewed operations model and organisation on 1 April 2015. Three divisions and four corporate level development and support functions were switched to corporate level function-driven responsibilities. The basis for “One Nordkalk” model is unified processes through the whole company with the management team members leading these processes.   

In 2016, Nordkalk expanded its businesses in Poland. A new granulation plant in Slawno was launched in September 2016.   

2017: Expansion to Turkey

In 2017, Nordkalk expanded its businesses to Eskibalikli, Turkey, together with the local joint venture Nordeka Maden A.Ş. Eskibalikli's limestone quarry is located in the North-West of Turkey. Production capacity was increased in the end of 2018 when a new crushing line was opened.

2018: Nordkalk 120 years

In 2018 we celebrated Nordkalk's 120th anniversary. A farmer and a limestone producer Otto Moberg from Pargas initiated Paraisten Kalkkivuori Osakeyhtiö in 26th of November 1898. The legacy is continued these days by Nordkalk, which still extracts limestone at Pargas but has operations already in ten countries.  

2019: Co-operation with ArcelorMittal

In 2019 Nordkalk started to operate world's leading steel producer's ArcelorMittal's limekilns in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany. Co-operation agreement was signed on 14th of March in 2019. The agreement creates good prerequisites for Nordkalk to grow in Central Europe. This way Nordkalk can utilize it's wide know-how and readiness in limestone business.  

2019: New operating model

In the beginning of 2019, a transformation programme was initiated. The target is to improve Nordkalk's performance and profitability in the long run. Nordkalk is now speeding up its transformation programme by changing its operating model. The new operating model is based on three regions: North Europe, Central Europe and New Businesses. The new operating model is valid from 1st of November 2019.

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.