Meet our people, the rock stars in lime

Logistics Coordinator Piotr says: ” The best thing about Nordkalk is definitely people and atmosphere.”

What kind of a work place is Nordkalk and what kind of jobs one can have at Nordkalk? Read the career stories of some of our people:


Pargas, Finland
Sales Manager
Started at Nordkalk: 2004

Long before I started working for Nordkalk, I was interested in the company. It happened quite often that I was at the same fairs as Nordkalk’s agrilime team. I used to think that one day I too want to work for the company as the atmosphere at their stand was so nice.

Now, I have worked at Nordkalk for 14 years and am very happy with all my colleagues, customers and cooperation partners. My job is versatile and challenging, which keeps me alert and active. ​


Pargas, Finland
HR Specialist
Started at Nordkalk: 2012

When I came to Nordkalk to perform internship for my studies, I had very little experience on HR matters. During the years, I have been able to develop my expertise with versatile and challenging job duties in a supportive work environment.

People are one of the best things at Nordkalk: Without my co-workers, the work would be a lot more stressful and boring! I like my work, but I also need free-time and my hobbies to balance it. When I am not at work, I like to go to the gym, walk in the nature or spend time in the summer cottage. I feel that the employer respects my free-time and that is a big part of well-being at work.” 


Rakke, Estonia
Sales Manager
Started at Nordkalk: 2018

"Why I enjoy working in sales is that you never know exactly how your working day will look like. One e-mail or a phone call can turn everything around and all your previously set priorities may change. Sales is definitely not a routine job! But the usual day consists of solving daily issues of regular customers, sending out quotations, making agreements, customer visits, co-operation with production and logistics.

My colleagues in Rakke, Estonia are like a small family. We communicate a lot with our production and logistics people here and that helps us to find quick solutions to our customers' needs and demands.  

When I first started at Nordkalk, I was surprised that we have that many people who have been working in this company for a long period of time! That says a lot about a company and about the industry. That gave me a clear sign that we have really devoted people and the company is treating employees well. Another surprise for me was how widely our products and services are used in so many different purposes.

There are many good things at Nordkalk for me e.g. that we really put a lot of effort into making our daily job as safe as possible. And of course the importance of limestone as a raw material for many different industries."


Miedzianka, Poland
HR Specialist
Started at Nordkalk: 2017

"I am responsiblefor supporting and taking initiatives in HR processes, such as onboarding, recruitments, arranging trainings, coordinating the development discussions and incentive process and also Social Fund and well-being actions.

The great team spirit of people and their strong engagement to their work are things that surprised me when I first started in the company.

For me, the best thing about Nordkalk is the feeling that I am part of this great family" 


Key Account Manager
Started at Nordkalk: 2017

"I am responsible for the sales in Scandinavia to the Pulp & Paper and Chemical segments. I work closely together with R&D, Supply chain, operations and colleagues within sales.

I appreciate working in a company with a culture of helping each other out for the common good. At Nordkalk, there will always be more to learn and develop and that suits me."


Miedzianka, Poland
Locomotive Driver
Started at Nordkalk: 2008

"From the very beginning I have been working in the Logistics Department in Miedzianka Plant. Initially, I have been a Loader Operator, but after obtaining the required qualifications in 2012, I started to work as Locomotive Driver, which is a fulfillment of my childhood dreams. I operate two Nordkalk’s locomotives: Tosia and Stefan, which I manage on the section between the Miedzianka Plant and the siding at the railway station in Rykoszyn.

I value Nordkalk for its sense of stability. This allows me to pursue my passions. For most of the year I spend my free time in the forest. I also have a passion for walkie-talkie. For some time now I am fascinated by Morse alphabet, that is broadcasting messages with a telegraphic key, which is the highest level of initiation of a shortwave.”

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.