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Supply Chain

Nordkalk’s preference is to use local suppliers; approximately 80 per cent of Nordkalk’s purchases take place in its countries of operations. The environmental impact of the short transportation distances is smaller and Nordkalk is better able to successfully monitor its supply chains.

Same rules apply to everyone

All purchasing for Nordkalk Group is performed complying with Nordkalk’s Purchasing Guidelines. When starting a contracting process with a new supplier, a supply evaluation process will be performed: The supplier’s background and reliability, ethical and financial, will be checked before the tender process can begin.

Suppliers are expected to commit to Nordkalk’s environmental care and sustainability requirements, a high standard of business ethics and integrity. A supplier is expected to comply with the requirements set out in Nordkalk’s Supply Code of Conduct, which the supplier is to sign as a part of the purchase agreement. Nordkalk expects all of its suppliers to work in the spirit of Nordkalk’s values – Openness, Fairness, Modesty, Trust and respect.  

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Same health and safety rules and regulations apply to everyone who visits Nordkalk premises. In 2016, an electric access control and compulsory safety training was taken into use at Nordkalk’s largest sites. Both apply to own personnel as well as to visitors to the sites.

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Efficient logistics

Nordkalk offers its customers extensive and economical logistics services. Our logistics chain is effective, fast and reliable.

Our products are transported by ships, trucks and trains. We administer ourselves the transports of about 60% of our total volume. We use many industrial harbours and our terminal network covers our whole area of operations in Northern Europe. The vessels that we are using are designed especially for the transport of quicklime. Thanks to their closed loading and discharging arrangements, work can proceed in any weather conditions. We have many contract transport companies offering the best possible equipment for transporting lime and we take care of both trailer and container transports around Europe.

We are experts on transporting lime. 

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Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.