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Over forty years long career

Today, decades long careers are not that common anymore, but at Nordkalk we have several examples of such careers.

Irja Salumets has worked at Nordkalk and its predecessor Rakke Lubjatehas for 42 years. She came to the Rakke lime factory’s (Rakke Lubjatehas’) laboratory in August 1974 from the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute (nowadays Tallinn University of Technology). During the years, Irja has worked in many different quality and technology related posts. Currently she works as Chief Technologist with quality assuring, quality and products certification as her main responsibilities.

According to Irja, the explanation to her long career may be in thoroughness, learning ability and stubbornness. She studied in the Chemistry faculty for five years, but knew little about the production processes of limestone based products when she first started at the Rakke lime factory. She learned at work; the most important teachers were the senior colleagues and Soviet Union’s leading lime production expert, professor Monastõrjov’s textbook that Irja says she still uses today.

Working comes naturally to Irja and in her opinion one should not think one knows everything. In addition to the willingness to learn, what lies behind Irja’s long career is that she has always found her work interesting. She is also pleased that the company as a whole and also the laboratory have evolved into modern facilities.

Irja is planning to continue working at least another couple of years. In 2016, the West-Viru County Government nominated Irja a “Good Employee” for her long career at Nordkalk. A similar acknowledgement was given to another Nordkalk employee Ivan Poznjak, who has worked 36 in the company. Criteria for the “Good employee” nomination is at least a 10-year-long career, a significant contribution to the development of the organisation and social activity.

The Governor Marko Torm presented Irja with the Good Employee acknowledgement on Estonia’s Entrepreneur Day on 6 October 2016.

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Nordkalk is the leading limestone company on its home markets. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.