Profitable business

in a responsible manner

Personnel development in 2016

In 2015 a new One Nordkalk operations model was implemented, with which the modes of operation were unified and simplified. In 2016, this model was further developed by e.g. implementing common tools to the entire company for example for digital reporting.

As a part of the One Nordkalk model, common Health & Safety targets with changing themes were established in all Nordkalk countries. Safety is emphasized in all we do; the personnel is encouraged to share best practices and make safety observations to increase efficiency and improve safety. In 2016, a record number of safety observations were made: in average 3.8/person. The result exceeded the target for the year, which was 3/person.

Wellbeing at work and personnel development

taukojumppa 550px

In 2016, Nordkalk continued investing in wellbeing at work and personnel development. Lectures on wellbeing and different wellbeing activities were arranged in all Nordkalk countries, special emphasis was paid on development discussions. The target for 2016 was 100%, which was not reached as the activity percentage was 98. We continue to pursuit the 100% target in 2017.

As a way of encouraging activity during the working day, exercise breaks were promoted. An exercise program installed a year earlier was now introduced to all Nordkalk countries: a program offering short exercise videos to the user at an interval chosen by the user e.g. once an hour, was installed to everybody who wanted it. The program found its way also to meetings. In the photo above, the company doctor is leading an exercise break in an internal meeting.

Co-operation with communities and schools

Stipendinä kesätyö

Nordkalk has active co-operation with schools and universities. For example, in Rakke in Estonia, Nordkalk has cooperated with a local school for four years. In 2016 Nordkalk was involved in giving monthly lessons in e.g. chemistry, geology and social science to the pupils. Also in Poland Nordkalk takes part in educational activities: e.g. in Sławno in Poland, Nordkalk organised in co-operation with PHACOPS (Association and Institute of Paleobiology of Polish Academy of Sciences) workshops for children from local schools and geological explorations for paleontologists from all over the world.

In Finland, the cooperation with schools that started in 2015 with a summer work scholarship program, continued in 2016. The program is directed at students at the age of 16-17 with an aim of offering the young valuable work experience instead of solely monetary compensation. A designated sponsor was appointed to guide and supervise the students at the workplace. The students worked with tasks improving health and safety and cleanliness by e.g. painting fences, steps and other risky places with safety colours and arranging tools into correct places.
In the photo the scholarship winners from left: Juuso karhu, Akseli Kuvaja, Jonathan Garavet, Ilmari Väisänen, Julianna Anttonen and Viivi Röntynen.

Increased activity in social media

NK Instagram

Co-operation with Nordkalk’s neighbours and the rest of the communities was highlighted in 2016, and we met with our neighbours at many locations.

Nordkalk was active on social media with a goal of increasing visibility for the company and interactive intercourse with also other people than the closest neighbours. On social media, Nordkalk shares information on its history as well as on the current activities, the products and the benefits of liming to farmers and the environment.

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company on its home markets. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.