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Personnel development in 2015

One of the highlights in 2015 was the launching of the new One Nordkalk operations model, with which the modes of operation were unified and simplified. Nordkalk’s personnel showed great commitment to the new model working actively for the common goals.

Due to the changed organisation, connection between Human Resources and Health and Safety deepened further as they were joined together under one function. A safe and healthy work environment is a goal, which will be emphasized in all development work.

Wellbeing at work and personnel development

LV Kaivoksen-voimistelu 2014

In 2015, Nordkalk continued investing in wellbeing at work and personnel development. Lectures on wellbeing and different wellbeing activities were arranged in all Nordkalk countries, special emphasis was paid on development of supervisor skills.

As a way of encouraging activity during the working day, exercise breaks were promoted. An exercise program was installed in majority of computers in Finland in 2015. It offers short exercise videos to the user at an interval chosen by the user e.g. once an hour. The program was utilised also at meetings introducing the participants a bit different and more active breaks.

It was not only the office workers that had exercise breaks during the working day; also the production personnel participated. For example in Lappeenranta in Finland, the quarry personnel had exercise breaks led by a physiotherapist. The exercise breaks helped the bodies to be in better shape for work and it helped ease the tensions so that any possible strain injuries to support and mobility organs would stay under control. The positive feedback encouraged to introducing the exercise break concept to other countries in 2016. So, in the future, the entire Nordkalk will exercise!

Co-operation with communities and schools

Dumpperikyyti 400 matala

Sense of community and school co-operation were highlighted in 2015. In both Estonia and Poland, a family picnic gathered together Nordkalk’s personnel and their families. These annual events include different health & safety promoting activities.

Nordkalk has active co-operation with schools and universities. Miedzianka in Poland welcomed 15 student groups from Poland and abroad during 2015. In Rakke in Estonia, Nordkalk has cooperated with a local school for four years. In 2015 Nordkalk was involved in giving monthly lessons in e.g. chemistry, geology and social science to the pupils.
In Finland, cooperation with schools started with a summer work scholarship program. The program was directed at students at the age of 16-17 with an aim of offering the young valuable work experience instead of solely monetary compensation. A designated sponsor was appointed to guide and supervise the students at the workplace. The students worked with tasks improving health and safety and cleanliness by e.g. painting fences, steps and other risky places with safety colours and arranging tools into correct places.

Nordkalk Future - our internal training program

NK Future osallistujat 2015

Nordkalk’s own internal training program Nordkalk Future was finalised in the spring of 2015. Sixteen people graduated from the program gaining tools for e.g. strategic and innovative thinking, leadership and interaction. This international program was arranged for the third time, now in cooperation with Turku University’s Turku School of Economics. 

Leader in limestone business

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company on its home markets. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.