Profitable business

in a responsible manner

Same rules apply to everyone

The health and safety rules and regulations are the same to Nordkalk’s own personnel and all visitors to the Nordkalk premises.

In Finland, there is an on-line safety video guiding in detail what is expected at the site e.g. in safety gear wise, which everybody entering Nordkalk’s production sites shall watch, either online beforehand or at site.

An instructions booklet to chauffeurs is delivered to all transport companies and other contractors during e.g. audits conducted by Nordkalk. In case a person arrives at a Nordkalk site without the necessary safety gear, it will be provided to the person. Nordkalk personnel is obligated to react immediately to any breach of safety regulations and guide anybody on the premises about the safe way of working. All such incidents will be reported and included in the safety statistics.

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In Finland, safety in plant and quarry areas was increased by implementing electric access control at all the largest sites. From the beginning of 2016 entering these sites has required a safety training and a separate access pass. Everybody entering the areas must watch a safety video, which gives instructions on e.g. safety gear. One can watch the video on-line before the visit or at location in the beginning of the visit.

Access control and safety training will gradually be implemented also at the other locations.  

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.