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Safety is always topic number one

Safety first – Nordkalk’s long-term goal is zero accidents, and safety is an integral part of everything we do.

The focus is on safety thinking, making employees more aware of how their attitude affects their own and that of their co-workers’. Safety management, processes and routines are constantly developed, as required by the OHSAS 18001 standard that Nordkalk complies with.

All Nordkalk employees are encouraged to pay attention to the work environment and report safety observations at work and when travelling. All safety observations are studied, and eventual corrective actions are taken within two months at the latest. Occupational accidents are reported as soon as possible in all Nordkalk countries. Health and safety is always topic number one at internal meetings. 

At the top of the world in safety

Nordkalk received in spring 2016, a certificate of honour by the Finnish Zero Accident Forum (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health) for our safety work. Based on the results in 2015 Nordkalk was classified LEVEL I – In world’s forefront.

Each year, the Zero Accident Forum awards safety level classifications to their member workplaces that have successfully promoted their occupational safety. The awarding of a safely level classification follows an examination of the frequency and seriousness of occupational accidents at a workplace. In addition, systems for investigating occupational accidents and reporting dangerous situations must be in order.

Vyhtinen Lindstedt Virolainen

The certificate was accepted on behalf of Nordkalk by Production Director Kari Vyhtinen (left) and Safety Manager Juha Virolainen (right). One of Nordkalk’s safety representative, Ossi Lindstedt also in the photo.

Health & Safety Data 2016

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.