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Challenging market conditions continued

Market conditions in Nordkalk’s key markets continued to be challenging during 2016, driven by sluggish economies and oversupply of lime on the European market. Nevertheless, turnover increased in Finland, Nordkalk’s largest market, and also somewhat in Poland, the third-largest market. Nordkalk’s second-largest market, Sweden, lagged behind last year.

Out of Nordkalk’s largest customer segments, demand improved in Construction in comparison to 2015, whereas Metals & Mining picked up towards the end of the year after a weaker start. Sales of GCC (a paper pigment produced by the subsidiary Suomen Karbonaatti Oy) decreased markedly in comparison to 2015.

Demand in Nordkalk’s smaller segments, such as Agriculture and Environment, improved in 2016. As was the case with Metals & Mining, demand in the Pulp & Paper and Chemicals industries strengthened during the second half of 2016 after a slow start.

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Nordkalk is the leading limestone company on its home markets. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.