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Sustainable development is based on profitability

Profitability is the prerequisite for sustainable development that benefits all stakeholders. It means not only jobs and income; it enables companies to improve, invest and focus on innovation – to create knowledge and products that answer to the global issues of climate change and growing population requiring more resources.

Limestone is a versatile and often irreplaceable raw material. It is needed in several industrial fields as well as in environmental care and agriculture. The variety of applications helps us to balance economical fluctuations. 

Sales by application

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Investments in the future

In 2016, preparations for expanding excavations were ongoing at many of the current locations in order to secure the limestone reserves far into the future. One of the large projects is the expansion of the quarry in Lappeenranta in Finland. For this, the infrastructure of the Ihalainen industrial area has been renewed. Buildings have given way for the quarry; e.g. an old lime factory and some of Paroc’s old buildings have been demolished. The alterations to city plan were handled in the town council of Lappeenranta in September 2016.

Information meetings have been arranged for the authorities and the close-by neighbours, at which the changes have been discussed. A new dust test point have been located in the nearby neighborhood. The results are reported to the neighbours monthly during the demolition work.

In 2016, several environmental investments were done to ensure the different product units’ readiness to use the best available technique (BAT) to minimize impact on the environment and restrict emissions.

Granulation plant in Poland

In Slawno in Poland, a new granulation unit started to operate in June 2016. The plant manufactures limestone granules for soil improvement. Nordkalk AtriGran granulated lime fertiliser was successfully launched onto the Central Europe market in June. The investment created about 30 new jobs into Slawno.

New lime spreader in Estonia

Nordkalk AS made an investment in a new lime spreader, which was taken into use in 2016. A big part of fields liming material in Estonia and Latvia is sold as a full-service solution i.e. lime is delivered spread onto the field. The new spreader does need-based spreading which is based on the GPS coordinates.

Lime spreader

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.