Profitable business

in a responsible manner

Part of the Community

Rettig Group’s value of openness is the foundation for Nordkalk’s communications with neighbours, local communities and society at large. We believe that by showing people what we do and who we are, we gain and strengthen social acceptance of our activities.

The best way to meet with neighbours is to organise community events and meetings – open doors to the public. Nordkalk organises meetings with its neighbours in connection with different changes such as environmental permit applications, and open house events in connection especially with events for the general public. In 2016, Nordkalk’s activities were shared with the general public also on social media. Nordkalk shares photos from the past and now as well as information on topical issues, use of the products and its personnel. This is a way for Nordkalk to increase understanding toward its activities, which is a prerequisite for the so called social acceptance.

Co-operation with schools and experts

Nordkalk co-operates with a number of schools and universities by e.g. organising excursions to our plants, offering internships to students and by enabling research work, as well as offering job opportunities during vacation times. For example, in Rakke in Estonia, one form of cooperation with a local school involves Nordkalk’s specialists giving monthly lessons in e.g. chemistry and geology. In Finland, a summer work scholarship programme continued in 2016, directed at students at the age of 16-17. In Slawno in Poland, an international workshop for paleontologists was arranged. The group (photo) visited the quarry in Slawno, where they could learn about the world of late jurassic era and the evolution of living organisms. The town of Slawno is planning a visitor’s centre to this geologically important area.

Water and heat to communities

Companies provide society with needed products and services, and their surrounding communities with employment opportunities. In Nordkalk’s case, some communities also benefit from by-products created in production. In Pargas and Tytyri in Finland, as well as in Köping in Sweden, Nordkalk delivers recovered residual heat from the lime kilns to the district heat network. In 2016, Nordkalk delivered about 72500 MWh residual heat to the district heat networks in Köping, Pargas and Tytyri. This would be enough to warm up 3600 households using heating oil for a year.

Sponsoring focuses on local and environmental causes

Nordkalk’s sponsoring activities focus on the local communities where the company operates. The spotlight is on children and youth and supporting their leisure activities, mostly sports. In summer 2016, Nordkalk was one of the sponsors to the Jukola orienteering relay organised in Lappeenranta in Finland. We delivered also aggregates to the event for road building and limestone based products for water treatment.

Our sponsoring activities extend to environmental projects, in collaboration with research institutions or organisations. In 2012, Nordkalk made a 5-year-long commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG). Nordkalk’s objective is to reduce the phosphorus burden on the Baltic Sea with the help of the Nordkalk Fostop® products. 

Limestone for generations

Limestone mining is a long-term business, and many of Nordkalk’s sites have been in operation for decades. Communities have grown around the mines and keep prospering thanks to them. Our society depends on the supply of limestone, which Nordkalk quarantees by continuously prospecting for new reserves. In Sweden, preparations for opening a new limestone quarry in Bunge on Northern Gotland have been going on for more than ten years, due to a prolonged legal process. 

In Lappeenranta in Finland, a permit process for expansion of wallrock disposal areas was finalised in autumn 2016. The process started in 2012 with assessment of environmental impacts. Supreme Administrative Court overruled an appeal against the environmental permit meaning that Nordkalk got the right to elevate and expand the existing area as well as establish a new piling area. The court ruling does not affect the current activities as all the side products are being utilised in Lappeenranta due to several infrastructure projects. However, the ruling ensures the continuation of the operations in the case that side products will need to be piled sometime in the future.

Leader in Northern Europe

Nordkalk is the leading limestone company in Northern Europe. We deliver essential raw materials to numerous industries, and our solutions contribute to clean air and water as well as productivity of agricultural land.