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Nordkalk Enrich part of Nordkalk E-Series

The Nordkalk E-Series product family consists of two products: Nordkalk Enrich A and Nordkalk Enrich C.

Nordkalk Enrich A

Nordkalk Enrich A (adhesives) was developed specifically for water-based adhesive and sealant applications. Nordkalk Enrich A is a calcium carbonate-based material with one-of-a-kind physical-chemical properties. The product’s unique properties result from the ultrafine surface-treated calcium carbonate particles with a narrow particle size distribution, which form a homogeneous dispersion. Nordkalk Enrich A offers excellent cost effectiveness and mechanical performance in multiple adhesive applications.

Nordkalk Enrich C

Nordkalk Enrich C (coatings) was developed with water-based paint and coating applications in mind, which require a high degree of brightness. Nordkalk Enrich C is a surface-treated calcium carbonate-based material. The properties of the product are based on an ultrafine particle size and narrow particle size distribution.

Nordkalk Enrich C is perfectly suited to various paints and coatings, from varnishes to floor paints and other products with a high degree of gloss, and for indoor and outdoor applications. The product is also suitable for paints with a more matt finish, which have a very high pigment volume concentration. Enrich C offers a sustainable solution that significantly improves the customer’s cost effectiveness by partially replacing more expensive chemical products, while simultaneously improving the end product’s technical properties such as wear resistance and gloss.

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Joonas Hokka
Joonas Hokka
Sales Manager
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