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Nordkalk Enrich -Ultrafine PCC

Nordkalk Enrich is ultrafine precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) based dispersion created to replace titanium dioxide and binder in paints and coatings.

What is Enrich?

The Nordkalk E-Series product selection combines the best characteristics of the nature-originated calcium carbonate raw material and state-of-the-art product technology, engendering the foremost ultrafine calcium carbonate (PCC) based dispersion product, called Nordkalk Enrich®.

The product’s innovativeness can be attributed to the monodispersed nano-sized particles forming the very stable and uniform quality of the PCC suspension that creates the ideal conditions for meeting demanding technical prerequisites in a wide assortment of applications.

With its clear edge over the pigment extenders on the market, Enrich is composed of homogenous nano-sized (d50 ~130 nm) particles in a suspension with high-dispersion stability.
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Paints & Coatings

Nordkalk Enrich C® facilitates producers to tackle major challenges faced by the industry today and in the future. The future’s development sets high demands on how to respond to growing raw material costs with respect to sustainability. The Nordkalk Enrich® product solves this dilemma with its monodispersed ultrafine calcium-carbonate-based dispersion through the partial replacement of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and binders in multiple waterborne applications. Thanks to the superior product features, it does not endanger the functionality or technical performance of the application despite the remarkable substitutions. By contrast, commercial references have demonstrated the applicability of the product for improving performance in the technical properties of paints.

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Adhesives & Sealants

Nordkalk Enrich A® offers an excellent solution that creates value for producers through material substitutions, contributing to remarkably lower raw material costs while partially replacing expensive binders in water-based adhesive and sealant applications. The product’s unique nano-sized PCC particles of uniform quality ensure considerable development opportunities, such as the improvement of the end product’s mechanical properties. As a pure, nature-originated product, Nordkalk Enrich® is an ecological choice for coping with more stringent environmental objectives and advancing sustainable development.

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Papers & Paper coatings

Nordkalk Enrich® brings numerous new development opportunities for the paper and packaging industry’s solutions. As a real partial titanium dioxide substitute, it also helps to reduce the consumption of TiO2 in paper applications, resulting in raw material cost savings. When applying Enrich to the paper stock at the wet end, optical properties (opacity and brightness) can be maintained at the desired level even with smaller titanium dioxide doses. The optimised particle size range (50–450 nm) of ultrafine PCC dispersion tends to be adsorbed between the TiOparticles, thus boosting the spacing effect of titanium dioxide.

In coating pastes, the gloss and smoothness of paper coating can be improved by replacing pigments with Enrich. Higher gloss is achieved by more effective TiO2 utilisation within the coating paste, whereas the enhanced smoothness is a result of evenly-filled ultrafine particles on the coating surface, resulting in better printability. To increase sustainability, Nordkalk Enrich® treats the environment with respect by reducing the need to use chemically processed products that burden the environment.

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