Creating value with Nordkalk E-Series

Ultrafine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC)

Substituting of Titanium dioxide and binder with Nordkalk Enrich

The Nordkalk E-Series product selection combines the best characteristics of the nature-originated calcium carbonate raw material and state-of-the-art product technology, creating the cutting-edge nanoparticle calcium carbonate (PCC) based dispersion product, called Nordkalk Enrich.

 Reduced consumption of Titanium dioxide

With the assistance of Nordkalk Enrich, the need for Titanium dioxide (TiO2) and binder will be partially eliminated, contributing to remarkably lower raw material costs without compromising on crucial technical performance in end-products and leading to improved sustainability, e.g. carbon footprint reduction. In reference to the commercial utilisation of Nordkalk Enrich, the edge it offers results in significant cost savings (5–15%) through reduced consumption of TiO2and binders.

 Ecological choice

As a pure, nature-originated product, Nordkalk Enrich is an ecological choice for coping with more stringent environmental objectives and advancing sustainable development.   When you choose Nordkalk’s E-Series products, you are helping the environment and furthering sustainable development by reducing your carbon footprint, for example. The E-Series products reduce the need to use chemically processed products that place a load on the environment.  

  • Nordkalk Enrich A
    A calcium carbonate-based solution for water-based adhesive and sealant applications.
  • Nordkalk Enrich C
    A calcium carbonate-based solution for water-based paint applications.

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Joonas Hokka
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